June 5th, 2011

Silly Pi, "BLAH" Pi

This is why I love Arashi...

 I was reading this article translated to English by clovert . It's a magazine article probably published in 2007 around the time of Kiiroi Namida's release (hence the theme "Tears").

You can read the article here at her blog.

Personally, reading this article I was so moved. This is why I love Arashi. They're so accepting and supportive of each other. They're such an odd mix of talents and personalities and yet, in any other group, they may not have found their true potential.

MatsuJun has such a cool persona and at first glance you'd peg him as being in a group like KAT-TUN. Yet he's an emotional guy with a unique sense of style and a heart for the fans.  Would he have felt comfortable showing those sides in any other group but Arashi?

Sho-kun is known as the "smart" one with his roles as MC Collapse )
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Silly Pi, "BLAH" Pi

2011.06.04 Arashi ni Shiyagare - Korokke and ?? Monomane

 Watched this week's episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare with Korokke and some other guy who I don't know and am too lazy to go back to the start of the show and find out again.

You can find the link the MQ version of the show here.

It was an amusing with lots of cute moments. Poor Sho-kun, though, kept getting handed the ones that weren't particularly funny... Poor guy did them well but they weren't funny to begin with so it felt like he failed.

Ohno-kun did surprisingly well during this episode. He was probably the best at the monomane (impersonations).

The show pub corner at the end, though, was sadly not very funny. Cute but not really a "I'm gonna rewatch this a million times!!" moment.

I'm kind of afraid for next week. It's another of those Dandy-ism corners where they make up problems they have and get weird solutions in return...