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嵐 Troublemaker PV

Just felt like watching the Arashi Troublemaker PV today. It's so fun and funny, especially the Making Of where you see all the little hidden bits (Watch Nino and Ohno on the "train") and see some of the stories behind the shots (like Sho-kun's Swan).

It's difficult to find to watch online so I decided to download it.

You can find a link to someone who uploaded links download the PV here

I miss cute Making Ofs like this. Their recent Making Ofs always have them separate because of how the PV is filmed, or the material is serious (一生懸命やってるから) that you don't see them laughing and joking around.

For that, this is my favourite PV.

じゃあ、どうぞ!! 観てください~
Tags: arashi, pv

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