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2011.05.07 Arashi ni Shiyagare

Watched 2011.05.07's episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare. The guest was Sasaki Kuronousuke. It was definitely amusing this time. Lots of cute/funny moments. I especially liked the cute Sho and Aiba moments. :)

The video is posted on this blog here.

Cute Sho moments:

Sho and Kikonpichi (sp?) shirts
Sho and MatsuJun getting scolded by Oriental Radio-sensei for eating before everyone else (Urusee~na)
Sho and Ohno giggling

Cute Aiba moments:

Aiba with the Maigo-san
Aiba with the tofu (Acchhi~)
Aiba, MatsuJun and the Kinshidon (Nokottara ne)
Aiba-chan vs Sasaki-san thumb wrestling
Aiba-chan's "Gossama deshita" (instead of the proper, polite "Gochisousama deshita")

WARNING: This is not an episode to watch with your stomach empty. I am SO~~ craving Take no Ko Gohan and that Unagi and Tamago Yaki Gohan mix (Kinshidon)

Next week's episode looks to be interesting as well. A famous chef will come and cook Italian food live.
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