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Arashi ni Shiyagare 2011.06.25 Kawashima & Uchida (Samurai Blue Soccer Players)

 I've been faithful in watching each week's episodes of Himitsu no Arashi-chan, Arashi ni Shiyagare and VS Arashi but I've been lazy in posting them up here. SRY :P

This week's episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare was visited by Kawashima and Uchida. They are representatives for Japan on the national Samurai Blue team but they also play on European teams. Kawashima Eiji-san plays for a Belgian team and Uchida-san plays for a German team.

</lj-embed>[GRRR!!!! How do I embed tudou videos in LJ???]

Interestingly, Uchida-san can't speak ANY German (or much English, it seems :P) and so he only knows the words related to soccer. Kawashima-san, on the other hand, knows four languages along with Japanese: English, Italian, Spanish, and Portoguese.

Apparently he loves languages and so spends time learning them in preparation for going overseas.

My favourite part about this episode was the Penalty Kick (PK) game between Kawashima-senshu and Arashi (or rather Sakurai-kun and MatsuJun). There was such a difference in level between Nino, Ohno, Aiba and MatsuJun and Sho-kun. They were so much faster!!

Also, as a Sho-kun fan, it was nice to see something related to sports where Sho-kun was pointed out for excellence instead of extreme fail. XD
MatsuJun's second PK kick was pretty epic!!

I SOOOO want what Sho-kun and MatsuJun ate. It looked soooo good!!
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