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Aiba Masaki Hospitalized

On June 29, it was learned that member of popular group Arashi, Aiba Masaki was hospitalized late Tuesday for pneumothorax (collapsed left lung). This is the second time this has happened since he was hospitalized  for five days in 2002 for the same condition. According to an affiliate of Johnny's Jimusho, Aiba suddenly developed pains in his chest during the filming of NTV's Arashi ni Shiyagare on June 28. Once the filming finished he was immediately rushed to the hospital emergency ward and hospitalized. On June 29, he was diagnosed with left pneumothorax. He is expected to be hospitalized for one week after which he will go home to recuperate.


When Daily Sports and others originally reported this online, the articles were erased soon afterwards so I hoped that maybe it was just a rumour but Daily Sports has put up the article again so it seems it's true.

Awww... I hope he gets better.  It's so like Aiba to keep on going even when he feels like crap just because he likes to be with Arashi. It reminds me of this interview with Arashi [Warning: You will cry after reading this!!]

Don't push yourself too hard, Aiba! And get better soon!
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